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dasique Shadow Palette 6.5g#Makeup
Free DHL Express shipping over $100 to United States


dasique Shadow Palette 6.5g#Makeup

(Local taxes and duties included)
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Product Description
Country of Origin : Korea/China(OEM)
Product Code : 500050
Care Instruction
· The color displayed may vary depending on your screen.
· Dry cleaning is recommended for the first wash of all clothes, please start wearing after washing.
· We recommend washing denim or colored clothes separately to avoid dye transfer.
Free Shipping Info
Free DHL Express shipping over $100 to United States
After ship out from Codibook warehouse in Korea, you can receive within 3 business days. (Shipment can be delayed due to the local delivery system and the custom clearance schedule.)
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dasique Shadow Palette 6.5g#Makeup
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